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We began this business in the year 2000 with a love of food and a desire to provide our customers the best copper cookware and giftware for the best possible prices. We began with Pierre Vergnes’, extra thick 2.5 mm French copper product line, and have since expanded to include our very own lines of FCS Tri-Ply Copper Cookware and FCS Copper Bowls made to fit three styles of KitchenAid mixers. You will be thrilled to cook with our superbly crafted copper cookware and proud to display our uniquely authentic copper giftware!

Our mission is to educate as many people as we can about the health and culinary benefits of cooking with quality copper cookware. We also wish to provide the absolute best customer experience along with our luxury cookware and giftware.

Copper Width — Our French Line of copper cookware is a combined 2.5 mm thick. This line has a full 2.0 mm of copper with a 0.5 mm traditional tin lining. See our Services Page to learn about our re-tinning service. You will be pleased to know, that our French copper giftware is also a full 2.0 mm pure copper– unprecedented quality! Strength and Security – The solid copper rivets used to attach the cookware’s’ handles provide strength and security while also enhancing the beauty of your cookware. Cast-Iron Handles – Our solid cast iron handles have a low heat transfer rate, will not overheat like brass, and can withstand the highest of oven temperatures. Uniqueness — Each item we sell are hand-crafted and unique bearing the particular appearance of foundry-forged copper and artist’s signature stamp. For the price, there is simply no match!

We’re Getting Famous! French Copper Studio’s FCS Line of copper cookware have been featured around the world in magazines like Elle.

Our French Line of Copper Cookware and Giftware is the kind of quality that stems from over a 400 year old tradition in Southern France. Nowhere else will you find designs that have evolved over centuries of feedback from some of Europe’s greatest chefs, gourmets and aristocrats. Their Foundry used traditional methods that date back to the Renaissance era and Master Coppersmiths in the Pierre Vergnes Studio built on that tradition in the final manufacturing process. Quality, design perfection and pride of ownership were crafted into each piece you own.

Our FCS Tri-Ply Line of Copper Cookware was a collaboratively created labor of love. This line has is not so costly and is lighter in weight. It has a stainless steel lining and a base. The copper is 2.00 thick with a 0.50 stainless steel lining.

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