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KitchenAid Copper Mixing Bowls

<strong>ATTENTION</strong>: KitchenAid Mixer Owners. We ship world wide with special low freight rates to Australia New Zealand, Asia, Germany and England! THESE COUNTRIES PLEASE PHONE THE OFFICE TO GIVE THE CC # OVER THE PHONE FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS T: <a href="tel:+1.604.926.5015">1.604.926.5015</a> . ALSO SEND US AN EMAIL WITH THE CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS AND YOUR ORDER WILL GO OUT THE NEXT DAY. WE HAVE A 10 DAY DELIVERY SERVICE! EMAIL <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> for quick and efficient service. French Copper Studio is proud to announce that we have 3 models of copper bowls to fit the specifications of the Artisan/Twist Lock and Professional 600 (currently out of stock), Commercial 5 Series/Heavy Duty/K5 Series mixers! The Out of stock bowls will hopefully be back in stock soon.We will keep our site posted on this. These copper bowls are specifically designed to take advantage of professional confectioners’ and dessert makers secret knowledge from around the world: When you mix sugar-based ingredients in pure copper, a scientifically proven positive reaction occurs at the molecular level of your ingredients. The result of this natural, positive reaction is thick, luxurious whipped cream, egg whites that peak beautifully, confectioners-grade icing and candy, smoother fudge, and exquisite tasting jam! Each bowl also includes: Use and Care Instructions and a 1 Year Limited Warranty. <strong>HOW THE KitchenAid COPPER BOWL EVOLVED</strong> <em>Back in 2003 KitchenAid requested we work with them to design a copper bowl to fit their 3 standard mixers listed above. They supplied us with the 3 models to try their idea out. We did try solid copper at start, but this did not work for them as copper is a soft metal and distorted over a period of use.</em> <em>Hammered wasn’t an option as this was not a smooth finish inside and wasn’t considered suitable for use in both commercial or private kitchens and also distorted over a period of time.</em> <em>So we discovered Electrolysis which integrates the copper to the stainless steel core of the bowl. To be clear this is totally different to Electroplating ,which is a coating on top of the Stainless steel and only used for decorative purposes and usually lacquered to keep it shiny. Our bowls are used in some of the top kitchens in the USA and keep their shape and perform well with the ingredients mentioned previously.</em> <em>Therefore after almost 2 years in the design, engineering and testing phases, we were extremely proud in 2005 to offer our truly unique 2.5mm copper with a stainless steel structural core FCS Brand Copper Bowls made to fit KitchenAid Mixers!</em> There is a few provisos to take note of: <ul> <li>You should not use acidic fruits such as Tomatoes/Lemons etc As this has a bad reaction on copper and at worst can turn the fruits and copper a blackish colour.</li> <li>The beater blade must always be checked for clearance before use ,by sliding a sheet of paper between the blade and bowl . If the blade has dropped there’s a beater height adjustment screw to solve that issue See page 9 in the KitchenAid Instructions and recipes book. If the blade isn’t checked and it scratches the bowl you may get shavings of copper in your food. (Note if the bowl was solid copper this wouldn’t be too apparent and could present a health issue).</li> <li>Never put any copper into a dish washer. It is too abrasive on such a soft metal and also turns the copper to a dull brown.</li> </ul>

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